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Director, Beer and Wine
Company: n/a Location: Albuquerque, NM
Job Category: Sales/Marketing Career Level: Employee
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Your responsibilities:
- Day to day operations of the Beer & Wine Department to include sales, product selection, gross margin and inventory levels.
- In-store communication, including content for email and web page, signage, circular and catalog design, pertaining to Beer & Wine.
- Fixture design and wine/beer sets of new and existing stores.
- Private label package design as well as sourcing Proprietary Label/Brands.
- Leading, inspiring and growing a team of 2 people directly but influencing 100 + stores .
- Managing financial targets and measuring the financial returns of investments and tests.
- Setting the vision and strategy for the Beer & Wine department across the chain.
- Leading the training for new store management team members.

- Undergraduate degree in Marketing, MBA preferred
- Minimum 5 years experience participating in and leading Beer & Wine Procurement/Merchandising efforts at a retailer- multi state experience is a must!
- Ability to utilize databases to analyze results
- Takes pride in knowing industry trends and proactively responding as appropriate
- Track record of building sales, growing margin, managing inventory/turns and creating unique consumer offerings
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Strong negotiation skills
- “Hands On” Mentality- does what it takes to get the job done
- Strong financial analysis skills with a focus on understanding and measuring the financial implications of marketing and merchandising activities
- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
- Strong leadership and consensus building skills
- Creativity and the ability to think of new, different and more effective ways to do things and communicate the idea to a larger group
- Ability to drive and inspire
- Good knowledge of retail, wineries, distributors and the food industries
- Ability to work well with individuals and teams across the organization
- Passion for food as well as Beer & Wine

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Thank you in advance for referencing Wine and Spirits
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