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Operations & Supply Chain Manager

Redwood Brands, LLC


Job Description

Redwood Brands Operations & Supply Chain Manager

Reports To: Redwood Brands Director of Operations

Serves as main point of contact within Redwood Brands (RWB) for supply chain activities.  Coordinates activities and communication between RWB, Portfolio Brands (PB), importers, and wholesalers for operations, supply chain and compliance activities. Key to the success of this position is the management of processes by PROACTIVELY identifying and addressing issues that could have a negative effect on operations.


About Redwood Brands

RWB represents the next generation of world class spirits, helping them reach their customers through sales and distribution management.  We are a team of experienced sales professionals with a national footprint, who understand the challenges smaller brands face in the US market and help their founders navigate this dynamic environment. It is an incredibly exciting time to be working with spirits entrepreneurs and we are honored to support, collaborate with and represent the brands in the Redwood portfolio and the people behind them.



Inventory Management

Responsible for identifying and removing any obstacles in the supply chain that could result in an Out-Of-Stock condition.  This includes:


·        Monitoring inventory levels at main bonded warehouses – Western Carriers (North Bergen, NJ) and Western Wine Services (American Canyon, CA).


·        Proactive & timely communication to all interested parties regarding current inventory levels at wholesalers and bonded warehouses, status of inventory related activities and issues that could materially affect target inventory levels.  This includes proactively monitoring import shipments and communicating with PBs and the RWB’ Sales team on any delays that could affect ability to fulfill Distributor POs.

·        Communicating with the RWB’ Sales team regarding their depletion forecasts and translating that information into inventory forecasts which is then forwarded to PB production teams.

Portfolio Brand Assistance:

·        As needed, assisting PBs with available stock strategies.

·        As needed, assist PBs as they work with their importer’s logistics team to import/transport product from production facilities to bonded warehouses.


Purchase Order Fulfillment Process

Responsible for overseeing the efficient and on-time processing of Wholesaler Purchase Orders.  This includes:

·        Approving incoming purchase orders on behalf of PBs and confirming pricing and quantity.

·        Proactively, informing RWB Regional Sales Managers about new POs received, when they will be ready for pickup and confirmation when they have been picked up.

·        Working with PB’s importers, distributor supply chain personnel and bonded warehouses, to proactively ensure that all approved POs are picked up by wholesalers in a timely manner


Sample Order Management

·        Work with PB’s Importers, PB and the RWB Sales Team to provide samples as needed and manage the tracking and use of those samples



Responsible for working with the Compliance Consultants on the timely completion of compliance requirements for new brands/states/skus ensuring that new brands, states, products meet their launch date as set by RWB and the PB.  This includes:

·        New and revised COLAs

·        State Brand Registrations

·        State Price Postings & Filings

·        Solicitors licenses for RWB Sales Team



·        Monitoring payments from wholesalers to ensure there are ZERO past due payments from wholesaler’s

·        For Distributor Bill-Backs, working with RWB’s Sales Team to review bill backs for appropriateness and accuracy, register payment systems the approval of such invoices and alerting PB that such invoices have been approved and are waiting their approval for payment.

·        Monitor the aging of chargebacks and working with PB to ensure chargebacks do not become past due.


Activation Spending

·        Assist the Director of Operations, with the management and tracking of the activation spending by RWB on behalf of PBs.  In addition to the processing of Distributor Bill-Backs noted above, this includes updating the Activation Spending Trackers for all PBs and communicating with the Portfolio Brands and the RWB Sales Team on spending against budget.


Secondary State Management

·        RWB will need to open certain secondary states for distribution in order to serve the needs of national accounts.  The Operations & Supply Chain Manager will work with the RWB Sales Team to launch distribution in these states and will then be responsible for the administrative management of these states. This management will include:

o   Working with Compliance Consultants to complete all state related brand registrations

o   Working with wholesalers to complete specific state setup documents, establish pricing and get opening orders issued.

o   Regular contact with wholesale brand managers, monitoring of wholesale inventory levels and ensuring wholesalers place timely purchase orders to ensure adequate stock to serve accounts.


Other Duties as Assigned:

When working with start-up brands, one needs to expect the unexpected.  RWB’ plans include adding new brands to our portfolio and opening new states to distribution as needed. The Operations & Supply Chain Manager will need to pitch in and assist the Operations Team where and when needed.


Desired Skill Set

The ideal candidate for this position will:

·        Have previous management experience

·        Have a broad scope of experience across operations/supply chain activities in the spirits industry

·        Previous experience working with Park Street who serves as the Importer, Compliance and Back Office team for many of our portfolio brands

·        Be able to balance both strategic and tactical responsibilities

·        Have clearly demonstrated experience in proactively identifying challenges and finding efficient and creative solutions

·        Be noted in their career as someone who finds a way to answer “Yes” when asked to deliver on challenging yet critical requests

·        Be comfortable pulling excellent performance out of those colleagues and partners who do not directly report to them but who are critical for achieving results

·        Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and demonstrated qualities of excellent attention to detail, and follow-thru

Other Information

Posted On: 6/28/2019

Industry: Materials Mgmt./Logistics/Supply Chain

Position: Supply Chain Manager


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